Lately, I’ve been thinking about making a garden publication. In large part because too many existing major publications1 bother me for the same reason. I usually frame it like this, to friends: “The covers are always so beautiful — ‘beauty’ this and ‘beauty’ that. And flowers. Look at all these flowers. Look at all these beautiful flowers in this untouched garden.” And if not that, then the magazines are all-in on urban farming. Not that there’s anything wrong with urban farming, it just seems like there are but two options: a glorious garden or chickens. Look at this beautiful chicken.

I could go on, but the new issue of Garden Design arrived yesterday and it does a marvelous job of exemplifying the kind of meaningless, saccharine covers that make me want to go outside and barf. Featuring…

  • Beauty & Wonder (just add it)
  • Perfectly Modern (pots)
  • The Joy of (kitchen gardening)
  • Simple Steps to a Gorgeous Garden (duh)

Also, please don’t forget to take refuge and to rejuvenate. As well as grow the fabulous and plant the fanciful. It’s a sublime life, starting at $12.95. What could be better?

  1. In particular, the quarterly Pacific Horticulture is exempt from this rant. It’s closest I’ve seen to an ideal garden publication. It’s on the thin side, but it doesn’t publish false hope or dangle ideas that are only obtainable with one million dollars. ↩︎