This is Rodgersia—doesn’t roll off the tongue, but it’s worth the effort. These bronzy, new leafs are really interesting from above, but look how they catch the morning light from below. This is planted up the hill in the backyard, so I was able to spot this color from inside in the house. I grabbed my camera, of course.

I bought this perennial at the Rhododendron Botanical Garden two years ago but planted it only this winter. The leaves will get much larger, reach up to 3′ or higher, and turn bright green in the summer. And now that it has room to stretch out, it’ll spread (rhizomes) to 3-4′ feet as well.

The ID tag it came with calls it mohogany rodgersia (Rodgersia aesculifolia ‘Rubrifolia’). Mohogany sounds nice but this is not aesculifolia, which has more ovate leaflets and resembles a horsechestnut tree (Aesculus)—hence the name. This plant is Rodgersia podophylla. I’d say I’m surprised by how misidentification seems pretty common, but I’m sure that would just make an old gardener laugh.

For more info on Rodgersia, Great Plant Picks has three.